Sunday, February 18, 2018

Floridians For Freedom

You Asked for It; Floridians for Freedom Delivered.

Cannabis Prohibition is the problem; this is the solution. A simple, no frills, no complications, no compromises, citizens' initiative to expand liberty by making cannabis possession, use and cultivation legal for adults in Florida.

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Will people be able to drive high?

How Can that be safe?


We already have laws against reckless driving

Once cannabis is legal, we will be able to develop standards for impairment and accurate tests. Under legal cannabis we can make laws that protect a patients right to drive with cannabis in their system.

What will we tell our Children?

Start by telling the truth!


Illegal drug dealers don't ask for ID

Under this amendment, lawmakers may pass strong penalties for diversion of cannabis to minors.

Does this really need Constitutional protection?

Prohibition has lasted more than 40 years


You have a fundamental right to treat yourself!

If the founding fathers had foreseen the push to keep people from plant based medicines, they may very well have added it to the bill of rights themselves. 

Doesn't prohibition keep the public safe?

Education makes us safe


Prohibition makes everything more dangerous

Leading voices in law enforcement are speaking out about the cost of prohibition. Keeping cannabis illegal drives criminal profits, marginalizes users and prevents law abiding citizens from accessing it for therapeutic reasons. 


No Hidden Agenda


BALLOT SUMMARY: This amendment guarantees the right of persons over twenty-one years of age to possess, use, and cultivate cannabis (commonly referred to as marijuana), reserving to the State the power to regulate its purchase and sale in the interest of health and safety. This amendment applies only to Florida law and state action, and does not immunize violations of federal law.



All people in the State of Florida twenty-one years of age and older shall have the right under state laws to possession, use, and cultivation of cannabis. This right shall not be infringed except that the transfer of cannabis by purchase or sale may be regulated as necessary to ensure health and safety.

"Cannabis" in this section is defined as all parts of any plant of the genus Cannabis, whether growing or not, and the seeds thereof.

The provisions of this section are severable and if any clause or sentence of this measure, or an application thereof, is adjudged invalid by a court of competent jurisdiction, other provisions shall continue to be in effect to the fullest extent possible.

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