Campaign ToolboxWhat you need to succeed

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Welcome to our Campaign Headquarters

This is your first stop for the things you need to successfully represent Floridians for Freedom at an event in your community. Click here to learn more about becoming a core member of our field campaign. Field team members help us get the one million valid signatures needed to get on the ballot. Field team members also work closely with allied organization to get endorsements, work with local businesses to support our petition and may be asked to manage volunteers in your area. 

Quick Tips

Know your audience. If you are going to a cannabis friendly event, pot leaves may be appropriate. If you’re attending a political meeting, town hall or membership meeting, the leaf may not be appropriate. Remember, you are our face in the community.

Know the venue. If you are going to be outside, think ahead, bring plenty of water, sunscreen and plan how to keep supplies under control in case of wind or wet weather. 

Set a goal. Having a goal for the day helps you decide how many petitions you need to print and what supplies to bring. Rubber bands for your clip boards, a stay dry container for signed petitions and plenty of ink pens are always a good idea!


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