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Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Cannabis reform in Florida is taking a giant leap forward this month.  I’m a member of a grassroots organization, Floridians For Freedom (www.floridafreedomgroup.com), a nonpartisan political action committee.

We are sponsoring the constitutional amendment; “THE RIGHT OF ADULTS TO CANNABIS”, and are working to end cannabis prohibition and assure people have the right to cannabis without fear of government interference.

Our members have worked over 20 years trying to change the laws; and have waited long enough for incremental changes.  The amendment simply gives responsible adults the same right to cannabis we already enjoy with alcohol.  These last 20 years have shown us that we need this constitutional amendment to make the changes necessary to reestablish our natural right to this plant.  We deserve a safe and legal pathway to use this plant for medicinal, industrial, or recreational reasons without hampering the legislature to create strict rules governing the sale of cannabis.  

This amendment does NOT allow; anyone under 21 years old to possess or cultivate cannabis; does NOT override your right to prohibit workers in your business from using cannabis; does NOT prohibit lawmakers from passing laws that affect public safety; and does NOT authorize anyone to contribute to the delinquency of a minor.  

Our amendment puts patients first by allowing patients to treat themselves by putting mother nature’s seed into the ground without violating state law.  A YES vote on this amendment means patients won’t have to be dying to qualify for this medicine, farmers may choose a profitable crop, and law enforcement resources will be better utilized.  As a 64 year old native Floridian and businessman, I know Florida depends on retirees moving here with their money.  Without medical freedom, some are already moving elsewhere.  Wake up!


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