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Tuesday, January 23, 2018

 “CANNABIS, A  CONSTITUTIONAL  RIGHT  in  FLORIDA” the headlines will read on November 9th, 2016. 

  I'll explain, I'm a member of a purely grassroots organization “Floridians For Freedom” (FFF) (www.FloridaFreedomGroup.com) a completely non-partisan political action committee. Our members are a diverse group of wonderful individuals working to end the prohibition of cannabis in Florida. This is far overdue, and millions agree. For decades otherwise law abiding Floridians have lost their freedoms, been forced to forfeit their personal property, and have been denied the right to seek natural remedies for illness. SOMETHING MUST CHANGE!!!  FFF is extremely proud to be sponsoring the constitutional amendment “THE RIGHT OF ADULTS TO CANNABIS”. 

 Floridians For Freedom cares deeply about the health and well-being of our great state, and our constitution. FFF has spent a considerable amount of time discussing the correct path forward. Our conclusion, FFF unanimously believe that a constitutional amendment is the best and perhaps, only option. We must fight to restore a personal liberty that should be our fundamental right. The right of adults to access this healing plant should belong to all of us and belongs safely protected within our constitution. Our amendment will ensure all responsible adults 21 yrs. and over have access to this incredible plant. Whether for health, personal, or even industrial purpose, all of these uses deserve a safe and legal pathway. Adults should have the same freedoms and responsibilities we currently enjoy with alcohol. This amendment will remove barriers to the plant, without hindering legislators ability to create sensible policy. 

 FFF are not naïve, we clearly understand the challenges ahead. Decades of misinformation, scare tactics and special interest groups lobbying for harsher cannabis laws have turned this amazing plant into, well, something else. It is time to challenge the past with the facts of the present. Many of the FFF’s board members have been personally involved in this battle for 20 plus years. Our team is experienced, focused and sincerely believe this amendment is what's needed for the betterment of our wonderful state. We must secure our amendment's place on the ballot to force the proper debate cannabis deserves. Signing our petition is not a vote!!!  Whether supporting or against, please sign our petition. Let the facts revealed during the debate process decide your vote.

 FFF, as a grassroots organization believe this task is the responsibility of all who support cannabis and/or individual freedoms. A “YES” vote for this amendment will result in; Patients having access to natural treatments in which terminal diagnosis is not necessary to qualify.  Farmers will have options to cultivate more profitable crops. Law enforcement's resources would be better utilized, and most importantly; we'd stop the  arrests of our fellow Floridians, our friends, family, or even those visiting our beautiful state.

 We ask for your help. We need volunteers. Collecting signatures is just phase one and there are many opportunities to be part of this initiative. To those supporting our amendment “May the light of truth guide us through the darkness of prohibition”.


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