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Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Cannabis reform in Florida is taking a giant step forward this month. I’m part of a group, Floridians for Freedom, a political action committee, sponsoring the constitutional amendment, The Right of Adults to Cannabis. Our group is made up of people who believe it is the right time to end cannabis prohibition. Our mission is to eliminate prohibition and assure that people have the right to cannabis without fear of government interference.

As part of the team that created Floridians for Freedom, I assure you, we’ve thought long and hard about the best path to legal cannabis for otherwise responsible adults. Our members have worked for over 20 years trying every conceivable way to change the laws; we have waited long enough for incremental changes. Even after 20 years, we still only have a handful of people who can legally use and possess cannabis in Florida; even fewer have gotten the right through the Court to cultivate cannabis. Our amendment simply gives responsible adults the same right to cannabis we already enjoy with alcohol.

These 20 years have shown us that we need this constitutional amendment to make the changes necessary to reestablish our natural right to this plant. We believe personal liberty for responsible adults is what belongs in the Constitution. We are proposing this amendment to take back our fundamental right to heal ourselves. This amendment guarantees the rights of otherwise responsible adults to have, use and grow cannabis on their private property. 

For patients, it provides the freedom to choose and the right to use cannabis as a first option in their treatment. This amendment returns the power to make decisions about cannabis to the individual. It authorizes the legislature to create strict rules governing the sale of cannabis.

Not only do I think access to cannabis is a civil right, it is beyond a civil right; treating yourself is a fundamental human right. This plant belongs to all of us - all simply because we were born human beings. More telling still, our brains and body have receptors for cannabinoids - the active ingredients in the plant. One of the very most basic of human rights is the right to be healthy and to take care of our health. Nature in all of her wisdom gave us a cure for every ailment. Every human being has an innate right to use the plants that nature has given us. 

Whether you use cannabis for medicine, for recreation or something in between, if you are an otherwise responsible adult, it is time to give you the freedom to choose whether or not to use cannabis. Floridians have suffered long enough being denied access to this plant. 

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