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Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Today is our eleventh day on the road. Murli looked at his phone this morning and announced Wednesday, October 21. Wish we’d have thought to have him do that every day. One day really has blended into another. Technology is our friend on this one. Quick snapshots, an Instagram post, not nearly enough Twitter, but a record of our journey none the less.


Alex read us the Jackson County Floridian newspaper online this morning. A great article about the petition, our journey across the state and the people who came out to help. Floridians for Freedom has printed and distributed over 60,000 petitions since we gained approval from the state, over 19,000 people have downloaded the petition from our site and news channels around the state are hosting the link live. 

My personal exhaustion is running deep and Alex is dosing in the front seat. Our next stop is University of Florida where we are meeting the college NORML and Libertarian Clubs, our local coordinator Chris Kennard and friends from the area. We need the fresh energy for sure. Putting ourselves out there, meeting strangers, and leaving behind enough passion to ignite a community is draining. Not really hard, in a good area we talk to dozens of people in an hour, in other areas we meet only a handful – which means we rely on our friends and family packs.

We’ve put out over 125 friends and family packets this trip. This is a prepared package with 25 petitions, some literature about the petition, a sticker, social media cards and a donation envelope, all in a self- addressed envelope. We’ve made it easy for people to claim this petition as their own, get signatures, represent the campaign and reclaim the right to cannabis. 

Our team, the Board of Advisor and volunteers already committed to this issue are moving as fast as we can towards Supreme Court Review and beyond to the ballot. This is not a solo effort. We are counting on the cannabis supporters, those out front and those in the closet to invite people they know to sign the petition that restores the Right of Adults to Cannabis.


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