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Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Our Mission is Monumental

Everyone involved with Floridians for Freedom is passionate about bringing justice to Florida. We have seen the illogical way cannabis prohibition continues to grow and flourish. We have seen the impact of prohibition enforcement on communities and the impact it has had on our own families. We are doing this because in a free society, an otherwise responsible adult should not need permission to use a plant.

We believe that the value of cannabis for health, for food, for fiber, for its pharmacological value and for fun is greater that any perceived threat to society. We know otherwise responsible adults can be trusted with cannabis. Our commitment to ending cannabis prohibition is matched by our belief this petition is the right answer for our state.

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Management Team

Jodi James

Chair of Floridians for Freedom

Our chair is a nationally respected cannabis reform advocate. Her experience reaches beyond cannabis policy, into the world of electorial politics making her a valuable leader for the campaign. 

Image attribution: FLCAN



Carolyn Karpel


Carolyn Karpel of Sebastian serves as the Treasurer. As a daughter of aging parents, mother of two girls and grandmother, Carolyn recognizes the value of cannabis for all of those she loves. She donates her time at the Florida Cannabis Action Network serving as community outreach coordinator.

Image attribution: FLCAN



Shannon Stallings

Registered Agent, Chief Legal Advisor

Shannon Stalling practices law in the Big Bend region of the Pan Handle. She led the legal team that developed the language for the petition, researched prior decisions by the Florida Supreme Court and developed the messaging for the campaign.  

Image attribution: Photo by Shannon Stallings Law



Board of Trustees

Our Leadership Committee

(left to Right) Arnold Diehl, Vice Chair; John Chase, Palm Harbor; Robert Ohlwiler, Land O'Lakes; Josh Humphries, Melbourne;  David McKinney, Melbourne; Cathy and Bob Jordan, Bradenton; Tripp Spring, Melbourne Beach; Colby Wise, Bradenton (not pictured).

Image attribution: FLCAN



Our Team is Growing

Want to be on the fore-front of the campaign to expand freedom?

Contact us to join the team

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